This business started when our bar was shut down due to COVID. I first made them for ourselves and then to our family and friends.  We had such a wonderful response and so much support, I decided to continue with this venture.


It then quickly progressed to us selling at local farmers markets and opening up our vestibule during the winter for Saturday sales.


We are currently re-branding and soon to re-open our bar!

We will continue to provide this area with homemade pierogi along with a coffee shop, fresh pastries, great cocktails and a place for our community to come enjoy.


I'm from St. Charles, IL. Just outside of Chicago.

I'm first generation American and I love that. My whole family is pretty darn Polish and very proud of it!!!


I'm new to Bloomsburg and really enjoying it!

My husband was born and raised here.

We moved to Bloom to run our bar and have jumped right into getting involved...and occasionally we fit some hikes in.

The people here are so amazing and have quickly become my friends.  The community support is like nothing I've seen before. I'm happy to be here with Justin, and make Bloomsburg our home together.